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1.     After I have notified you of my claim, what happens next?

We will give you the name of your claim’s handler who will advise you on how you can proceed with your claim

2.     Will I need to complete a claim form?

Yes; even if you do not intend to claim under your insurance policy

3.     Will I have to pay anything towards the cost of the claim?

Yes, or No; depending on the conditions of your insurance policy. Please ask our Underwriters for clarification at the point of sale.

4.     Are there any limits on the settlement of my claim?

 The settlement is limited to the sum insured in the insurance policy

5.     How will my claim affect the No Claim Discount on my policy?

All motor claims other than claims for motor accessories do reduce your No Claim Discount

6.     Do I need proof of ownership/purchase for the items I’m claiming for?

Yes; in compliance with Money Laundering regulations

7.     Can I have a cash settlement?

Yes; you can communicate your choice with the claims handler

8.     Who will deal with my claim?

We have a dedicated Claims Department ready to serve you

9.     Will I be kept informed of the progress of my claim?


10.  If you appointed a recommended supplier, what will they do?

They will immediately contact you directly

11.  If I use a recommended supplier, will I need to wait for authorization?


12.  Can I contact your recommended suppliers direct?

You have to obtain an authorization letter from us

13.  Do I need to let you know when I have arranged a date with the supplier for the repair/replacement?


14.  Do I need to have confirmation in writing before I proceed with repairs/replacement?


15.  How long will it take for the items to be repaired/replaced?

You can discuss this with the supplier but it will depend on the extent of the loss

16.  If the recommended supplier has not contacted me to arrange repair or replacement, what should I do?

Contact your claims handler immediately

17.  What should I do if I have agreed to a repair or a replacement with a recommended supplier and this has not been completed/received?

Report to us immediately

18.  What happens if I am not happy with the repair carried out or the replacement items supplied by your recommended supplier?

Do not accept or return the goods to the supplier and immediately inform your claims handler

19.  What happens if I am not happy with the progress of my claim or the service the suppliers are providing?

Contact our Claims Manager and lodge an official complaint

20.  Can I use my own supplier?

Yes; if the loss is within your self- authorization limit

21.  I need to send you documentation or an estimate to support my claim. Where should I send it?

You can send them to our Head Office, Ground Floor Unit House, Victoria Avenue in Blantyre, or at our Branch Office, SS Rent a Car Building in Lilongwe.

22.  A loss adjuster has been appointed to deal with my claim. What will they do?

They will inspect and assess the nature and extent of the loss, negotiate with suppliers and recommend settlement to the insurer

23.  If the loss adjuster agrees to a cash settlement for any part of my claim, who will issue this?

Libertas Insurance Co Ltd will settle the claim, not the adjuster

24.  Who should I contact if I need emergency assistance outside the claims department opening hours?

You can call the Claims Manager on 0888357786.