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Contractors All Risks

Secure your building or construction project against accidental damage
It covers accidental loss or damage to contract works including third party bodily injury and property damage. Building and civil works including major maintenance works need to be covered under this policy.

To enable us quote please provide the following:

  • Brief description of contract works
  • Name of Principal/Owner of project
  • Contract value
  • Period of construction
  • Maintenance period. A proposal form is also a pre-requisite.
  • Depending on the nature of the works to be carried out a Contractors “All Risks” or Erection “All Risks Policy may be issued. Where the works involve more of civil works, a Contractors “All Risks” policy is ideal. However, where the works to be done involves fixing of prefabricated materials like steel then Erection “All Risks” Insurance may be suitable.


  • Full peace of mind knowing that your building or construction project is secure against accidental damage as specified under the policy
  • It gives legal protection towards third party bodily injuries and property damage

The details furnished above are only a summary of product features and do not describe the entire terms, conditions and exclusions on the Policy. For further details or clarifications on the Policy contact Libertas General Insurance officials or your insurance advisor. We shall be pleased to furnish further details.